Predictive maintenance is a - sometimes underestimated - fundamental activity to ensure the correct functioning of machinery, with consequent benefits in terms of productivity and costs saving.
We provide specific and customized predictive maintenance programs, studied on the basis of the most frequent problems and needs encountered in several decades of activity with our customers, and carried out using the most advanced techniques of machine monitoring.

Our offer is based on periodic inspection programmes: manual, instrumental and remote, which allow us to prevent possible breakdowns and consequent unwanted machine downtime. We are shifting from manual to remote monitoring through IoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, in order to decrease maintenance costs, technician relocations and machine downtime.

A practical example of predictive maintenance is 'bearing lifespan monitoring'.
Most bearings brake before the time, but it is sometimes possible to know in advance when they will break by connecting them to the Internet of Things (IoT) system. It monitors real-time characteristics such as vibration, temperature, lubrication and load conditions, and when a threat is detected, it raises the alarm, allowing technicians to intervene scheduling downtime or managing any degraded machine operation. Thanks to predictive algorithms, the IoT system estimates the end of life of each bearing so that it can plan its replacement in good time, making the most of its useful life, before failure occurs.
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