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For over 30 years we have been one of the leading manufacturers of CNC machining centres (turning, milling and boring centres), both through complete retrofitting and customised projects, aiming at meeting any production need. to meet customers' production requirements.

Machining centers retrofitting “like new”

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Customized machining centers production

We design machining centres tailored on your production needs

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Artificial Intelligence

Become a Smart Factory!

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Maintenance and technical assistance

Improve your efficiency by mean of our 360 degrees technical services.

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Through our technical assistance and breakdown services as well as planned maintenance (preventive and predictive), we support our clients in dealing with any production issue.
Spare parts

Discover our spare parts warehouse and innovative solutions for tailored Strategic Kits

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Technical assistance

We provide a full range of after-sales services: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance as well as technical assistance on any kind of cnc machining centers

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Over guarantee

Our client can rely on various warranty services to keep costs under control and gain efficiency in the production process.

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CNC programming

We develop advanced technologies

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Real time assistance

Through Artificial Intelligence applications, we to support operators in managing any machining issue

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We provide customized training packages

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Functional test

We provide each kind of calibration to reach the best results in terms of precision.

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Compliance with standards

We study the most appropriate ways to make machinery comply with safety requirements

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Our clients

Business areas

We are a dealing partner for companies in Italy and all over Europe, operating in various industrial sectors by means of cnc machining centers with chip cutting, both in Italy and over Europe: automotive (such as lathes for the brake discs production), aerospace (such as machining centers for the production of slats, landing gear and other components), railways industry and manufacturing industry working tough alloys and ferrous material.
Manufacturing Industry

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