Pursuing a corporate culture

Corporate policies

Pursuing a corporate culture

Corporate policies

With the aim of a continuous improvement and to ensure high-standing technical services, we comply with different corporate policies, including a Code of Conduct – both for our employees and providers –an Environmental Policy as well as a Policy for the protection of workers in the workplace and their training.
Planning and management

Quality policy

Each activity - from the technical intervention to complex retrofitting and production activities – is provided according to a detailed time table agreed with the client, allowing the best control on the progress of the work. When technical assistance is provided, a detailed report detailing the activities is provided and any suggestion for the improvement is issued. Our Customer Care service is always available to support the operator solving out any problem that may arise during the production: Its a service 'tailor-made' on clients needs.
Clients’ satisfaction

The goal and action plan to achieve them are agreed with the client as a “team”

Service flexibility

Service contracts are tailored to the customer's needs.

Work progress monitoring

Simplification and transparency are our pillars

Collaboration and teamwork

employees, suppliers and partners, are part of a team working in the same direction

Safety and investments

We invest to ensure a constant growth for the company.


Specific training to provide continuous improvement.


Our commitment and goals