In order to reduce to the minimum downtimes and provide the best value for money, we can provide a wide range of spare parts: retrofitted, new and OVERÒ branded.
We can also provide “Strategic kit” of spare parts, suitable for every single need.

We can provide a wide range of spare parts - mechanical, electronic, hydraulic - at stock or in shortest time, such as:
  • inductosyn Heidenhain
  • optical lines
  • Indramat motors and drives
  • Siemens, Ansaldo, Gettys motors
  • reconditioned drives
  • CN Plasma, Siemens, Fanuc, Ansaldo, Gettys
  • digital VAX, microVAX, VT terminals, PDP11, VAX Station
  • telescopic sliding covers
  • sliding guides
  • lubrication pumps
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