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By chosing a complete retrofitting “like-new”, it will be possible to benefit from: investment costs reduction, lower time of production, customizations on production/space needs. In one word, retrofitting allows to gain efficiency.

Partial retrofittings can be useful to increase the life-time of the machining centers and, in some instances, in order to reduce to the minimum the impact on production, these activities may be performed at the client premises. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to immediately replace single components to be retrofitted, with equivalent ones.

The retrofitting activities include:
  • Obsolete CNCs replacement of with latest generation ones (FANUC, SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, OSAI, NUM, etc.)
  • Old motors replacement with brushless digital packages or linear motors
  • Machining centres and lathes standardisation to regulations
  • Grinding guides
  • Turcite replacement
  • Scraping and adapting sliding surfaces
  • Cables and wiring replacements
  • Ball screw replacements
  • Construction of electrical cabinets
  • Laser and Ball-bar certified testing
  • Spindles and electric spindles retrofitting
  • Design and production of components and automations on clients specifications
  • Industrial cleaning
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